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So many folks ask this question, both online and offline, “how can I sell my diabetic test strips for cash?” – that we wanted to give you a quick guide to help you get the most cash when you sell your diabetic test strips.

Whether you get extra strips you don’t use, have relatives or friends that no longer need them, loved ones that have passed and had an extra supply, or just don’t need them anymore, here are 5 ways to get the best price when selling your test strips:

    1. Do Not Remove The Labels
      Sell your test strips for cash - Fast Cash StripsIf your test strips have prescription labels, do not remove them unless the peel off very easily. Most labels damage or rip the box, which lowers the value of the strips. To protect your privacy, use a permanent marker to carefully cross out your name without leaving any marks on the box itself. Most reputable companies have solutions and methods to safely remove labels without damaging the boxes. Note: every mark, tear, puncture, rip, dent or any damage at all to the boxes reduces their value, so treat them with care. Also, the longer the labels are on the boxes, the harder they are to remove.
    2. Don’t Wait To Sell Them
      Sell Your Test Strips for Cash - Fast Cash Strips - Don't Wait until they expireIf you know you have extra strips, or come across test strips you want to sell, don’t wait to get a quote and sell them as soon as possible. The closer to expiration date the boxes get, the lower the values go. And when they expire, they are virtually worthless.
    3. Keep Them Boxed and In a Safe Place
      Keep your test strips in a safe, dry and temperature neutral area. Don’t expose them to extreme heat or cold, keep them in a box to avoid denting or bending corners and keep them from getting marked, defaced or damaged. Also, keeping them up on a shelf or in a closet keeps them out of the way and safe. You’d be surprised how many folks (or their kids) sit on their boxes or fall onto them when playing around the house which dramatically reduces the value of their strips.
    4. Package Your Test Strip Boxes Well
      Ship your test strips - Sell Your Test Strips for Cash - Fast Cash StripsWhen shipping your boxes, make sure to package them well to avoid any dents or corner bends. The best way to pack is to keep them all together inside the box, one next to another side to side, aligned to one side or corner of the box, lined up, and add newspaper or packing paper around them so they don’t move during shipment. Priority Mail via the USPS or UPS are two cost effective, reliable and fast ways to ship your test strips.
    5. Select a Reliable Company To Sell To That Pays a Fair Price
      Many companies that buy diabetic strips often quote low prices because many who sell their extra strips don’t know that they can get a better price elsewhere. If you shop around a little and find a company that not only quotes a fair price, has a good reputation, reimburses your shipping costs, pays quickly and reliably, and even better, a company that buys test strips with as little as a 6 month expiration date. Find out how to contact the company and try out their customer service, look for testimonials from other sellers and see if you’re comfortable.

Fast Cash Strips has been buying test strips in the southwest and now all over the country for over 5 years and we pride ourselves on paying top dollar for your diabetic test strips, quickly, as well as providing fast and efficient customer service. We also buy test strips with as short an expiration date as 6 months. Get an immediate quote online and find out how much more cash you can get when you sell your test strips today!

At Fast Cash Strips, we buy test strips near me, nationwide, paying cash for diabetic test strips, providing fast payment and quick, courteous customer service. You can sell diabetic test strips for cash with confidence!

If you would like to sell your extra test strips, just click on ‘Get Started’ or ‘Get Quote’ and you’ll receive an immediate price quote!

If you need help or have questions about selling test strips to us, visit our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us for a quick reply!

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