Tip: How To Avoid Damage When Selling Diabetic Test Strips

Tip: How To Avoid Damage When Selling Diabetic Test Strips

Some sellers are disappointed when they sell test strips after shipping their supplies and then find out they were damaged in transit. This is frustrating, both for the seller and us here at Fast Cash Strips because it’s a lose – lose situation. We can’t buy damaged supplies and can’t pay you, our seller, for your supplies.

Even though the supplies inside the box may be good, the condition of the box is one of the main factors to how valuable they are for resale. Stained, ripped, dented, opened, broken seal, label removal damage and anything that makes the boxes no longer in mint condition make them no longer resaleable.

But there is good news! Here is a quick tip on how to avoid damage during transit so you have a great experience and get paid in full for your supplies. Please care for your supplies like you would anything else that you value. Pack them well so they don’t get damaged in transit!



If you’re looking to sell test strips, get an instant quote, request a pre paid shipping label and let us know how you’d like to be paid and everything will be emailed to you in minutes. We pay the next business day after receipt of your supplies, so you can get cash for test strips in just a few days!

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