Terms and Conditions

Please read the following carefully to ensure all terms are met prior to sending your package.  Upon finishing your order, you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions listed below.

If products meet all terms and conditions, Fast Cash Strips, LLC agrees to release payment within 24 hours of processing my package.

  1. I am at least 18 years of age.
  2. I am the rightful owner of the items being sold to Fast Cash Strips, LLC (Fast Cash Strips), or I have been granted legal permission to sell these supplies on behalf of the rightful owner. By selling my supplies through FastCashStrips.com, I grant legal ownership of those supplies to Fast Cash Strips.
  3. Fast Cash Strips will not accept any boxes that arrive opened, stained, soiled, or severely damaged. This extends to water damage, ink and marker. Fast Cash Strips may offer half price for boxes with rips, slight tears, scratches, bumps, indents, or slightly crushed boxes.  Click Here for Damage Guidelines . Any supplies considered a safety risk, will be discarded.
  4. Fast Cash Strips will remove any and all prescription labels before reselling my boxes. I understand that items arriving damaged by label-removal  (torn covers or missing parts) will be subject to a reduction in payment. Labels are removed promptly after receiving your items. No information is ever shared.
  5. Boxes with broken or missing seals are considered tampered with and are a safety risk. They will not be accepted by Fast Cash Strips.
  6. OmniPod, OmniPod DASH and OmniPod 5 products will only be accepted in their original packaging with individually sealed pods, matching lot numbers, and the full number of individual Pods matching the quantity on the box.
  7. Fast Cash Strips will not accept boxes that do not meet minimum expiration requirements, as noted on product pages. 
  8. Prices are subject to change without notice. Payment of supplies is based on when an order is placed.
  9. Fast Cash Strips does not purchase International boxes. 
  10. Fast Cash Strips will supply a pre-paid USPS,  return shipping label to ship my items. If I choose to ship using a different carrier or send on your own, Fast Cash Strips will reimburse the shipping cost up to $10.00 per package.
  11. Fast Cash Strips buys only the products listed on the company website: fastcashstrips.com/pages/brands
  12. If products do not meet the above terms and conditions, Fast Cash Strips will not pay to ship your supplies back.
  13. Packages received on Saturday or Sunday will be processed on Monday, and payment released within 24 hours of processing.