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Frequently Asked Questions

99% of questions we get asked daily are found below to save you time. If you can’t find an answer, visit our contact us page!

We buy the following brands of diabetic test strips and insulin pumps. We do not buy 25ct test strip boxes. We only buy major name brands, no private label or chain store brands.

We buy:

  • Accu Chek Aviva Plus
  • Accu Chek Smartview
  • Bayer Contour
  • Contour Next
  • Freestyle Lite
  • One Touch Ultra
  • One Touch Verio
  • Medtronic Insulin Reservior
  • Quick Set Infusion Set

Pricing is based on condition and expiration date. To get an instant quote and submit your boxes to us, visit our get quote page.

Dinged condition is one small crease in the box or a minor dent in one corner or minor blemishes less than the size of a dime. Any more damage is considered ‘damaged’ condition.

We do not buy the following items:

  • Control Solution
  • Any test strips or lancets that have DME, Medicare or Medicade wording on them
  • Any diabetic supplies with the CE designation/logo
  • Insulin
  • True Metrix test strips
  • True Track test strips
  • Expired test strips
  • Relion test strips
  • Opened or ripped box test strips
  • Prodigy test strips

Please note, DO NOT send expired, opened or marked (ink or marker) supplies or supplies that don’t match your quote, we WILL NOT buy them and they WILL NOT be returned. Thank you!

Selling your test strips is very straightforward. First, gather the boxes you wanted to sell and get an instant quote for their condition and expiration date on our website. Since every manufacturer, expiration date and box condition is different, each has a different value.

Next, using a soft black felt marker, carefully cover your personal information if you have labels on your boxes. This is optional as we discard all prescription labels regardless and never share your personal information.

And lastly, pack your test strip boxes in a sturdy box (not a padded envelope) and send them to us.

You can select to ship your boxes using your own postage and be reimbursed for your postage (up to $8 for 11 boxes or fewer or up to $25 for 12 boxes or more) or choose to receive a pre-paid label emailed to you that you can print and tape to your box and drop off at any post office.

Our mailing address (and your return address) is on the 2nd page of the packing slip you print after getting your qoute and then put your packing slip inside your box so we can match your shipment with your quote and process and pay you timely. If you don’t have a printer, just write your name, email address and order number on a piece of paper and put inside your box. Then ship your box and wait for us to receive them. We normally process payment the same day or next day or latest within 24 business hours of receiving your boxes.

Yes, diabetic test strips are normally sold over the counter or provided by an insurance company without a prescription. The only strips that cannot be sold are boxes that mention DMEMedicaid or Medicare on them. All other supplies including test strips, lancets, insulin pumps and reservoirs, as long as they are brand new, not expired and sealed, are ok to sell.

First, place the diabetic test strip or supplies boxes in a firm shipping box and we suggest adding some form of padding around them to avoid damage in shipping. For example, crumpled newspaper, bubble wrap or air pockets or shipping peanuts. We recommend shipping the boxes via USPS First Class (for fewer boxes and is least expensive), USPS Priority (for 12 boxes or more), UPS Ground or Fedex Ground.

Yes and no. If the test strips box is torn and/or seal is broken, no, we don’t buy those. If the boxes are slightly dented on one corner, yes, however please select the appropriate condition to get an accurate quote and avoid any price adjustments when we receive them.

We don’t recommend removing the labels from your boxes to avoid damage or rips unless the labels peel off effortlessly without damage to the boxes. You may carefully cross out your personal information with a marker avoiding any marks on the box if you prefer but it is not necessary. We remove labels from all boxes we receive with professional equipment to make sure the boxes are not damaged and safely discard all labels and personal information.

We normally process and pay all boxes the following business day (M-F) after we receive them, but please allow up to 2 business days. Please login and check your account on our website here to view the status. We mark each order ‘complete’ after payment has been sent, whether it’s Payal, Instant Funds Transfer (Zelle) or check and you will receive an email when we receive your box and when your check has been sent (if you select pay by check).

Paypal payments show in your account within minutes after we process (subject to Paypal terms and limitations). Please note that Paypal may charge you a fee to receive payments. Also, please note that depending on your account, Paypal may put a hold on your funds we send to you until we confirm receipt to them. This is out of our control and Paypal does not notify us when this happens. If your funds show on hold, just send us an email and let us know and we will release them asap.

Instant Funds Transfers takes just minutes (if you aren’t registered with Zelle, it takes just minutes and up to 1 business day for your first payment) and is available to most anyone with a US based bank account. There are no costs to register or receive payment with Zelle.

Check payments are processed online and then mailed regular USPS mail within 1 business day after processing to you directly from our bank, Wells Fargo. Depending on your location, Wells Fargo recommends allowing 5-7 business days (not including weekends and holidays) to arrive. If time is of the essense, we strongly recommend choosing Paypal or Zelle.

Yes, you can sell diabetic supplies near you anywhere in the United States. Just get an instant qoute on our website, send them to us and get paid top dollar for your diabetic test strips and supplies! We’ll reimburse your shipping or email you a pre-paid shipping label so you can just pack up your boxes and drop them off at any post office! Get an instant qoute for your test strips now.

Yes, if you decide to mail your supplies yourself instead of using our pre-paid shipping labels, we will reimburse you for your postage as long as it’s marked on your box. (Up to $8 for up to 11 boxes, up to $25 for 12+ boxes and up to $50 for insulin supplies. Please note, we will not reimburse for upgraded services like overnight, air or 2 day. Please use regular ground or regular priority class services. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.)

We add your bonus when we process your supplies and is reflected in your payment. It is not reflected in your cart. We track all codes entered and ensure your bonus is applied to your payment. Please Note: Bonuses are limited to 1 bonus per customer per month. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Several factors determine the value of test strips when selling. Market demand (how well test strips sell and how many are available) is the largest factor. Condition and expiration date of your supplies are the other factors. Mint condition with no damage gives you the most value for your supplies. Dings, dents, tears and markings all reduce the value of test strips or insulin supplies. The further out the expiration date is, the more valuable the boxes are. Expired and opened supplies are worthless for resale.

We recommend ONLY using a sturdy, cardboard box to send your supplies with plenty of padding materials to avoid shifting or damage. Using envelopes will damage your supplies 99% of the time and we would either pay you less or nothing at all. ALSO, if you receive a FIRST CLASS pre-paid shipping label from us, DO NOT send your supplies in a PRIORITY MAIL box provided by USPS. They will NOT be delivered and will be returned to you. To avoid delays, please use a plain, unmarked box if you are sending by FIRST CLASS.

Please note that all bonuses require a $100 minimum submission of supplies and the code must be entered right above your name in the ‘If you have a coupon, please enter it here’ field during checkout.

Please note, DO NOT send expired, opened or marked (ink or marker) supplies or supplies that don’t match your quote, we WILL NOT buy them and they WILL NOT be returned. Thank you!

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