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Selling Test Strips Testimonials

We are grateful to have worked with many that sell their diabetic test strips to us over the years, both in the southwest U.S. area as well as nationwide. Here are a few recent comments from some that we buy test strips from:

Everything was…

Everything was done way above par! 5 stars

Jenny M.

5 stars

5 stars!

Henrico, VA

Thank you

Thank you for your payment. Very fast payment. I will continue to send strips. Again thank you.

Holyoke, MA

Thank you…

“Thank you all for such great service that is way, way above all the others out there!”

Curtis S.

Thank you so much…

Thank you so much — I had not so recently sent strips to another place and I’m still waiting for check — as soon as i acquire more strips you’ve got my business — thank you.

Newark, NJ

payment arrived…

super fast, payment arrived same day! Five stars.

Robert T.
Williamson, WV

you couldn’t…

You couldn’t have done anything to make it easier! 5 Stars

Melvin W.
Auburn, CA


Perfect experience, 5 stars!

Geoffrey B.


Everything was great – 5 stars…

Fayetteville, NC

very user friendly…

It’s all very user friendly & easy to navigate. I have NO complaints whatsoever! 5 stars!

Paul W.
Girard, PA

I have to admit…

I have to admit, I was nervous sending my first package, but the local buyers were offering me pennies on the dollar. Now after several months without any problems, I’d recommend these guys to anyone wanting to get better pricing for their supplies.

Hunter S.
Austin, TX

Competitive pricing…

Competitive pricing, good customer service, and answered my questions respectfully.

Kevin P.
Mesa, AZ

Thank you!

Thank you! You guys are the best. Got burned by cashnowoffer and then found you guys.

Jeff H.
Marquette Heights, IL

So far…

So far both of my transactions have been great. Thank you!

Virginia W.

very efficient…

It was very efficient and I was satisfied!

Baltimore, MD

Everything was…

Everything was great! Five stars!

Deidra H.

Your service…

Your service is great. Thank you! 5 stars

Bernadette E.
Northville, NY

The transaction…

The transaction went exactly as they said it would. No problems, no changes, quick response to questions, honest and professional service, and most importantly … Fast Cash to me!

Scott S.
Casa Grande, AZ

fast and efficient…

Experience was fast and efficient as advertised and communication was better than most companies. 5 Stars

David F.
Philadelphia, PA

the service…

The service was excellent, 5 stars.

Diana L.
Davison, MI

Fast, efficient…

Fast, efficient service. Couldn’t be more pleased!

Mesa, AZ

reliable, fast…

reliable, fast service. Couldn’t ask for anything more!!

William H.
Gold Canyon, AZ

I will always use Fast Cash Strips from now on!

I sent my box of strips and lancets in on August 16th, I received an email today the 20th saying my box had been recieved and my check was mailed! Believe me when I say NO other company that I used to use to sell supplies was even remotely as fast in processing and sending your payment! Those other company’s some would take months to send your money, some paid a few dollars more but the aggravation of trying to get your payment was NOT worth it. I will always use Fast Cash Strips from now on! Thank you.

Carl D.
Wichita, KS

Just wanted…

Just wanted to thank you!


I love…



Can’t think…

I can’t think of a thing you can improve!


Thank you…

Thank you – I received payment!!! Totally appreciate it!

Cindy C.

I’m getting ready…

I’m getting ready to send you more strips. Thank you for your prompt payment on my previous order!!

Monroe, OH

Thanks so much…

Thanks so much and look forward to sending you my next package soon.

Sandra V.
Greenville, SC

The difference…

The difference between Santa Clause and FCS is Santa only comes once a year in December. On top of that, you can’t even be on the “naughty” list! With FCS I get visited monthly, all year long, and it doesn’t matter if I made the “nice” list or not. I write them a letter every month, and every month they send me my surprise! Better than Christmas!

Mike A.
Maricopa, AZ

I honestly believe…

I honestly believe “fastcashstrips” is as good as it gets!

Curtis S.
Midlothian, VA

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