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Recently, we have been getting lots of calls and emails from those that want to sell diabetic test strips and have sent their boxes to other companies that buy test strips and are still waiting for their payment months later. Some as long as 6 months or longer. Their emails and voice messages are never returned and are being ignored.

It’s unfortunate that this has happened to them and we always recommend checking with the company themselves as well as do some research about their reputation. Here are few tips to help you feel comfortable when selling diabetic test strips online:

Does the company have reviews online?

Do a web search for ‘company name reviews’ and look for any reviews. If you don’t find any, check out the company website for testimonials. Next check their Google My Business page (just google ‘company name reviews’). Then check their Facebook page. Sometimes reviews and testimonials are made offline or by email and may be displayed on their website or sometimes on social media sites like Facebook. If you’re selling test strips, you’ll want to do a little research to find out more about the company.

Do they have a BBB rating?

If the company is registered with the BBB, you can look up their rating on the website. If they are not registered, just do a web search for the company name and BBB. If there are no results, you’re still ok because complaints can still be logged with the BBB even if they are not registered, so no results is basically the same as no complaints.

Contact them

Contact the company by email to see if you get a reply. If you do, and you are satisfied with the communication, chances are better. If they have a phone number, call them. In fact, most companies do offer a phone number to contact them and if you can speak to a person or get a return call after leaving a voice message will also give you the best impression of your experience with the company.

Test Drive

One of the best indicators of your experience with a company will be is to actually give them a test drive. Send them a small number of test strips you want to sell and see how they handle it. This way, worst case, you will limit your exposure and if it’s a good experience, you may have found a company you can sell test strips to for the long term.

We buy test strips - Selling your diabetic test strips - Fast Cash StripsHere at Fast Cash Strips we take great pride in providing the best customer service online when we buy diabetic test strips. If you are selling test strips, we will do our best to help make it a great experience, allowing you to get instant online quotes, providing lots of resources to help you with any questions and processing your payments the same or next day when we receive your test strip boxes.

We don’t take you or your business for granted. We’re grateful for everyone we buy diabetic supplies from and do our best to make your experience great when you sell diabetic test strips. Check out some of the reviews from clients that we buy from here. And check out our reviews on Google.

Let us know how we can help you when you sell diabetic supplies, contact us here, use our friendly virtual assistant on the bottom right hand side of every page of our site, or call us. We look forward to helping!

There are many reasons why you may have extra diabetic test strips. Sometimes you get a new meter and can’t use your existing test strips, sometimes you have friends, family or neighbors that have passed away and had extra boxes, and sometimes you receive many more boxes than you normally use.

Cash for diabetic test stripsDon’t discard these extra boxes!

They are valuable and we can buy your extra diabetic test strips and supplies, and pay you top dollar quickly!

Many people don’t know that they can be worth something and throw them away.

We take great pride in knowing we help to get your extra, unused and unexpired diabetic test strips to those that can’t afford them or don’t have insurance. You are helping others and getting extra cash for supplies you would not use anyway. We’ll even pay for your shipping costs as well, normally within 24 hours of receipt.

You can get an instant quote for your strips right now here on our website.

Cash for Diabetic Test Strips

Now you can get extra money for something you don’t need. And don’t delay, the closer to expiration date it is, the less valuable the boxes are. So get in touch with us today and get an immediate quote and get paid fast!

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We often hear that many throw any their unused and extra diabetic test strips!

Sell Your Test Strips for Cash - Fast Cash StripsDon’t throw them away, we will pay you cash for your extra, unused diabetic test strips.

Most folks don’t know that they can sell their extra or unused glucose test strips and just throw them away. Unfortunately, that’s just like throwing money in the garbage. You can turn those extra test strips into some extra money, we’ll pay you for your boxes and reimburse your shipping costs as well.

Get an instant quote for your strips right now.

You can get extra money for something you don’t use and normally throw away. And don’t wait, the closer to expiration date, the less the boxes are worth, so contact us and get an immediate quote and get paid quickly!

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At Fast Cash Strips, we buy test strips near me, nationwide, paying cash for diabetic test strips, providing fast payment and quick, courteous customer service. You can be selling diabetic test strips for cash with confidence!

If you would like to sell your extra test strips, just click on ‘Get Started’ or ‘Get Quote’ and you’ll receive an immediate price quote!

If you need help or have questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us for a quick reply!

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